Snoqualmie River, Washington

I fished the Snoqualmie for a day in 2006 in late October. I had just fished the Clearwater with Billy and had to head up to BC to do some work. I found out that a road call something "Powell" was the way to access to river, so I pioneered for a day.

The Snoqualmie is very close to down town Seattle, but it didn't really seem like while I was fishing. Acording to the guys I had spoken to Most people were heading down to the Deschutes which was fishing great, so not many people were hanging around to fish the Snoqualmie which was not in prime shape.

The river was low and clear and fishing was not suposed to be very good. I fished with small flies most of the Morning, and then on a whim I changed to a #3 orange spey, and Hooked a solid steelhead in a really flat tailout.

It is a beautiful river I would like to see it when conditions are right.