Jutland - Denmark

The country of Denmark in Northern Europe will likely never make any anglers bucket list. Even though it is in Scandinavia it has very few rivers, and those that exist are not great or easily accessible for fishing. and only a couple support salmon.

I worked for a company that was based in Northern Denmark, in the region known as Jutland. I loved staying and traveling in this region and I did on a few occasions go fishing, but I never found enough to ever justify the area as anything more than a complete waste fishing time.
There are sea-trou (Sea Run Brown Trout) that run the rivers as well as some hatchery/ fish farm developed steelhead in Jutland. But all agree that each few is few and far between.

For an American the viking history and landscape make Jutland a fasinating place. We ate lots of great meals, rode Horses on the beach, had a great time and would go back. But not for the fishing.