The Broadman River - Michigan

The Broadman is a small river that flows into lake Michigan at Traverse City. I had a chance to fish this river in mid-August 2012, while I was at Grand Traverse for a conference. This river is known to get a steelhead run in the fall and spring and I think with a small spey or switch rod this river could be a really fun time.

I caught a number of trout mostly on streamers.

Upper Arkansas River - Colorado

I fished the Upper Arkansas in Colorado in 2011 with my cousin. We had a great trip on the river and caught several hard fighting browns on nymphs and even rose a few to dry flies. The river was very quiet on the days we were there. It was early in the year and most people were skiing rather than fishing I guess did have a few drift boats come down the river, but they did not hurt our fishing at all.

Kalama River - Washington

I have not fished the Kalama River, But while fishing the Cowlitz I took a ride over to check it out. Here is a picture. this spot had some of the better access. By access I mean a trail to shimy down the hill side on. There were alot of anglers at each pullout on the day I was there. Pretty river.

Cowlitz River - Washington


 This past fall I fished for a couple days on the Cowlitz river in Western Washington State. I was alot of fun. There were plenty of gear guys fishing and I had to rotate through the the Blue Creek Run with other fly anglers, but I landed a ridiculous number of nice hatchery Sea Run Cutts in the 15" plus range on my 6 weight spey. In the first day of hard fishing. I think I landed around 20 of these fish.


I also landed a nice steelhead on that first day on the Cowlitz. She ate a #8 brown and black Matuka. Really a great fish on the small rod. I really liked the Cowlitz.